For over 50 years, the Church of Christian Liberty (501 c3, nonprofit) has been involved in rescuing students and families from public school system. We have accomplished this mission through our accredited preschool - 12th grade local academy (CLA) and our home schooling program (CLASS) and our publishing ministry Christian Liberty Press. 



Through generous donors and supporters of Christian Liberty we have been able to help families who otherwise would have to attend a public school. We want to be help even more families who cannot afford a full-priced tuition and are trapped in the public school system, which is in a moral collapse through the promotion of homosexuality and the transgender movement plus the godless indoctrination in all areas of study.

This year we have assisted in rescuing over 1900 students from the public school system through our educational outreaches. 

We need 560 people to give $20/month or more so that we can rescue another 400 students from the public school system. 

If we are going to be part of this mass exodus, we need to plan now. We need to hear from you by November 2019 that you want to be part of this exodus movement.

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